We’re proud to be helping to train the next generation of scientists. Dudley Zoo and Castle welcomes external researchers, including students, who wish to conduct research at the zoo. Zoo research presents a unique opportunity to study species and aspects of their biology that are difficult or impossible to study in their natural habitat. 

Evidence-based research provides greater understanding of the lives of animals which can subsequently be applied to conservation action and inform best practice animal husbandry and welfare. We prioritise research that will have a positive impact to our living world, either through the promotion of improved animal management or through the promotion of conservation through education.

Research activities can include behaviour observations, use of biological samples and animal record data, visitor surveys and the development and validation of techniques that can be used in the field to support conservation efforts. All research is subject to strict ethical standards.

Dudley Zoo offers opportunities to undergraduates, MSc and PhD students, as well as professional researchers. We also work in collaborative partnerships with other zoological and academic institutions

Researchers and students wanting to conduct a project or collaborate with Dudley Zoo should complete the research request form   https://forms.office.com/e/r10Nezj4C8

Students are also advised to visit the research section of the BIAZA website which provides a number of resources to assist with project planning, the BIAZA Research Handbook is particularly useful.