Dudley Zoo and Castle welcomes all visitors.  The nature of our historic site means that in parts the paths are steep and in some areas there are steps.  We recognise that visiting our heritage and conservation site may present difficulties for people with disabilities and those with limited mobility, and we continually strive to improve procedures and provide extra provision where possible to ensure that all our visitors can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable day out.  Where access to certain areas is not possible for various reasons, improved interpretation and alternative services will wherever possible assist in overcoming these restrictions.

If you experience difficulties in using our website or require further information and advice for a visit please telephone us on 01384 215313 or email

The nature of our historic site means that in parts the paths are steep and in some areas there are steps. Please read our Accessibility Guide here.

Training in disability awareness is a continuous process. In particular, Presenters, Keeping and Customer Service employees are trained to interpret and assist with all visitors’ needs.

Land Train

The land train is in operation every day throughout the year, barring exceptional circumstances such as mechanical issues or very busy/event days which may pose a health and safety issue.  The train departs from outside the turnstiles and runs up to the castle courtyard, then returns to the turnstiles. There is a luggage compartment at the rear of the train which holds portable wheelchairs and users that are able to walk short distances are able to use this facility.  If you require this service please call 01384 215313 for availability.

Assistance Dogs

We welcome registered assistance dogs on site except in animal contact areas, such as Lorikeet Lookout, Lemur Wood, Wallaby Walkthrough, Farm Barn and Paddock.  Please read our Policy on Assistance Dogs here.

Disabled Parking

Free disabled parking is available on our main car park (Sat Nav DY1 4AL) and drop off points are located opposite the main visitor entrance.

Our website contains lots of information to prepare you for your visit, but if you need any further help, please call us on 01384 215313.

Sensory signs that highlight possible busy areas as well as those with strong smells or noise are installed around the site .

A limited number of sensory bags, which contain headphones and fidget toys, are available to hire from the Safari Shop with a £20 refundable deposit.

Specific quiet times will be planned throughout the year, with details put on our social media and website.


Opposite main entrance – both gents and ladies have disabled cubicles.
Opposite snow leopard enclosure – single unisex toilet.
Please note access for mobility scooters may be difficult due to the narrow entrance.
Courtyard Café (next door) – single unisex toilet.  Access by ramp. Please note mobility scooters will need to be left outside the cubicle.
Queen Mary Toilet – single unisex toilet.
Lorikeet Lookout (next door)  – Accessed by small ramp.

We’re pleased to be able to provide a Changing Places Toilet facility on-site for visitors with complex care needs.

The new facility is clearly signposted from the zoo entrance and on maps and can be found on the lower site, in the toilet block by Lorikeet Lookout.

Accessible with a radar key, the toilet includes specialist equipment such as a height-adjustable sink, a ceiling hoist for personal slings, an adjustable full-sized changing bed, a shower and privacy screen.

Mobility Equipment

We offer a non-profit service for the hire of Manual wheelchairs and Electric scooters, which are available to hire from the main entrance, please call 01384 215313 to reserve giving at least 24 hours notice.  The maximum weight for mobility scooters is 18 stone.

For manual wheelchairs, a £10 refundable deposit is required. Electric scooters cost £14 per day, with a £20 refundable deposit. 2 forms of identification are required.

Please read our terms and conditions regarding hiring a scooter.


The main roadways are wide with a tarmac surface and the majority of our enclosures offer viewing to both indoor and outdoor areas.  Wherever possible we have installed ramps and wide doorways to provide best possible access. However, to enable you to plan your day, please note the following:

Snow Leopardscan be viewed from the front of the outdoor enclosure and through the viewing window of the indoor enclosure.

Reptile HouseIndoor exhibit with low lighting, accessed by small ramp.

Wolverine/Arctic Fox/Tigersthere is wide access to all three enclosures; there are steps down to the bear enclosure but limited view is available at the top of the steps.  Once you reach the tiger outdoor exhibit you will need to return to the first exhibit to access the main route.  To view the tigers in their indoor viewing area please turn right on the main roadway, follow the road around to the lynx enclosure; the tiger viewing area is to the right.

OttersPlease note the ramp from the otters to the macaws is very steep and not suitable for all electric scooters.

Castle Courtyardaccess can be made to the courtyard (and the Courtyard Café and toilets) via both entrances, but please bear in mind one entrance is cobblestones (from the train stop) and the other is tarmac (from the Queen Mary restaurant); the tarmac offering a gentler ride.

Castle Creatures – Indoor exhibit with low lighting.

Queen Mary/Oak Restaurant – disabled toilet facilities are located to the left upon entrance.  The main seating area at the rear of the building can be accessed by ramp from the left side of the servery.

Lemur Wood – Due to the uneven terrain and steps this is not accessible by wheelchair or electric scooter.  However, it is possible to access the entrance area by the food kitchen.  Pushchairs/buggies are not allowed in Lemur Wood.   For visitors who are able to walk short distances, scooters, wheelchairs and buggies can also be left in this area.

Lorikeet Lookout This is accessible by wheelchairs but not electric scooters.  Pushchairs are not allowed in Lorikeet Lookout.   For visitors who are able to walk short distances, scooters, wheelchairs and buggies can be left outside.

FarmThe barn is accessible over a gravel pathway.  Please ask a member of staff if you would like to access the contact paddock, however wheelchairs, pushchairs and scooters can find it difficult to manoeuvre due to the depth of the gravel.